Orange Apartment

€ 45/60a night

Room Details

The price is €45 for one person per night or €60 for 2 people.

Children under 6 who don’t need an additional bed – free of charge.

 2 separate beds  Free Internet  Private terrace
 28 square meter  Ground floor  Small kitchen
 Towels  Bedding and blankets  Use of meditation room
 Hammocks  Library  200m from sea


We kindly ask the guests and visitors to respect vegetarianism during their stay at villa Muzika and to avoid preparing meat dishes in the apartments.

]The orange apartment has a separate entrance from the garden and it faces west. There are two single beds, a small kitchen and a wardrobe. In this apartment you will revitalize your physical body. It radiates joyous energy and is very suitable for elders, those who are recovering and for children.

All apartments offer the use of meditation/yoga room (check out the gallery) and the house library.

The function of positively influencing energy fields and flows is supported by cosmograms which were designed specifically for this space and its purpose: their function involves stabilizing, directing, balancing, recharging, strengthening, changing or grounding. Two cosmograms are carved from the Karst region rocks and are set up in the garden. The third one is made of clay and balances the energies of the other two in the house. A cosmogram is a geometric pattern presented in an archetypal shape that stimulates the corresponding vital energy flows and fields. 

While planning the space, we wanted to preserve the glamour of past times yet we intended to give the house an opportunity to express its energies in a new way. The restoration was monitored by geomantics expert Robi Lavin from Križ near Sežana who used different tools to measure the health of the space. Consequently he analyzed the quality of the living space and set up three cosmograms within it.

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